ProntoBux Creates the First App to Ever Provide Users Quick Cash When They Need It

ProntoBux app gives users cash rebates with the purchase of an e-Book that is charged directly to the users cell phone bill, the rebate is then quickly deposited into the users bank account via Bank of America within 24-hours of download. I’m sure most people have heard the Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This axiom holds true with ProntoBux mobile app. Instead of giving users a fish and feeding them for the day, ProntoBux Mobile App educates users on their finances while giving them quick cash to help them through those difficult times via a “Fast Response Cash Rebate” (FRCR) purchase incentive.

When a user purchases and downloads a financial literacy e-Book that best fits his or her needs to his or her mobile device, the selected e-Book is charged to the user’s cell phone bill (Direct Carrier Billing) to be paid at a later date once the cell phone bill arrives. All a user needs is an Android smartphone with one of the 5 major carriers and a desire to learn.

ProntoBux is a strong advocate of financial literacy but more importantly, wants to see people live the American Dream. ProntoBux understands that poor finances weaken one’s energy and emotions as he or she tries to handle the bind he or she is in. ProntoBux is the best solution that has ever existed for people to receive cash when they need it, all while educating themselves. Using the ProntoBux app has other benefits, such as Direct Carrier Billing that can actually be used to enhance one’s credit. ProntoBux e-Books feature in-depth, practical information that helps people reach ongoing financial goals effectively, and range in price and rebate value depending on the topic in which the user selects. Part of what makes ProntoBux so unique is that unlike other solutions it is not a loan. ProntoBux requires no approval, late fees, and/or penalties; users simply continue to pay their cell phone bill on time. Furthermore, the FRCR (Fast Response Cash Rebate) received do not incur interest, which makes ProntoBux that much more revolutionary.

Until now, ProntoBux has been the best-kept secret for achieving financial success. Though the ProntoBux app is currently exclusively on Android, it will be available on Apple devices soon. ProntoBux projects a plethora of new services including audio books, video lessons, and retail discounts. In addition, ProntoBux will launch a Kickstarter campaign (The ProntoBux Project) this September or October of 2015. Visit Google Play Store at to install the ProntoBux app today and to begin attaining financial freedom.

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