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Free Educational App Gives Cash Rebates for Downloading Financial Literacy E-Book-

Individuals In Need Of Quick Funds Can Download Financial Literacy E-Books In Exchange For Cash Rebate Deposited Directly Into Their Bank Account

Las Vegas – May 09, 2013 – A new smartphone app, ProntoBux, allows users to receive cash rebates in exchange for downloading financial literacy e-books. Currently available for Android and releasing soon on additional devices, the price of the book is charged to the user’s phone bill and paid at a later date. Meanwhile, a cash rebate is deposited into the user’s bank account within 24 hours, giving them access to funds, which could help get them through a tight financial period.
“Alan Greenspan said, ‘The number one problem in today’s generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy,’” says Willard Dean, ProntoBux co-founder. “We’ve made it our mission to help fix this problem. Currently, our e-books include short textbooks on how loans work, recovering from bankruptcy, and how to budget and reduce debt. Not only do the e-books provide practical educational information, but the rebates can supply readers with a little extra grocery or gas money as they wait for their next paycheck.”
Geared toward college students, young families, and low or fixed income individuals, the app creators hope that by educating users regarding wise financial habits and planning, they can empower them to lower their debt, attain financial independence, and be wise and responsible with their income and property.
“It works very simply,” explains Raymond Wilson, ProntoBux co-founder. “The user receives a quick influx of cash, plus educational materials to read and implement. This makes their financial practices more strategized, and their lives hopefully a little easier. It’s all about sharing knowledge and lending people a helping hand. That’s really what it comes down to.”
Prontobux is a free app, currently available for Android smart phones. By downloading and charging finance and accounting educational e-books to their cell phone bills, users receive a cash rebate deposited into their bank account. More info: or
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